It’s really simple to grow “comfortable” in a relationship after a few months of dating and getting to know one another pretty well. The issue arises when you get trapped in this phase and begin to take each other for granted. There will be no issues if you have knowledge to make her feel special.

Now, there is nothing wrong with reaching this stage, and it is a mistake to believe you will be in that “honeymoon” phase forever. This short guide will look at some strategies for avoiding this trap and for making the exceptional woman in your life feel just that.


Congratulate her


The significance of this cannot be overstated; it is essential. Everyone enjoys receiving compliments, and giving them is so simple that I find it puzzling that it doesn’t happen more frequently. Of course, if you constantly complimented someone, saying things like “you look wonderful” would lose their significance.

However, I’m referring to complimenting someone around three times per day. Mention how gorgeous her hair looks when she brushes it in the morning and how attractive she appears wearing her work skirt.


Make a “My Gorgeous Girl” folder on Facebook and post pictures of her there


She may claim to be ashamed, but she will actually be delighted that you are showcasing her; it is a very effective method to convey how highly you regard her.


Take her hand


Yes, incredibly simple but incredibly powerful. How many couples stroll by acting more like friends than lovers would surprise you. Taking her hand demonstrates your want for the world to recognise that you are together and your pride in doing so.


Public kissing


This advice may not be appropriate for everyone because some women dislike public shows of affection, but I’d wager that the vast majority do. If you can reach over and give her a little peck on the cheek as you’re walking through the park or give her a soft kiss on the bus, you’ll instantly make her feel really special and be able to tell everyone around you, “This girl is amazing, and I can’t stop myself.”


Let her know that you have discussed her with your friends


Inform people in passing about how you were mentioning her to a friend at work; the fact that you thought highly enough of her to do so when she wasn’t even present would make her feel special.


Fight for her!


And I don’t mean it literally—I assume you would defend her with your life—I mean in the instances when she’s being humble or self-deprecating. For instance, if she’s complaining to a friend about how she can’t sing very well, tell the buddy that your sweetheart is actually a fantastic vocalist. Tell her she’s amazing at the violin if she’s having a bad day and complaining about how bad she is at it.


Astonish her


This is a surefire method to make her feel amazing because, in general, people only go to the effort of surprising someone if they believe they are exceptional. You can take her to a romantic hotel, get her some uncommon presents, or even surprise her with a poem.


Don’t let her complete all of the chores


Although it’s a classic, she won’t feel very special if she’s the only one cleaning the restroom. Try to divide up the work between you, or at the very least, volunteer to assist occasionally. She will not only appreciate the gesture but also get the impression that you value and recognise her efforts.


Keep a photo of her with you at all times


If you’re really into her, you should be doing this already, and it’s a great way to let her know. For those with more technological know-how, using a picture of her as your phone’s background can be just as powerful.


Keep her in mind at all times


Don’t just say “yes” when your coworkers invite you out for a couple beers after work; contact her and discuss it with her first. You don’t need to beg her for “permission,” you’re just being considerate enough to inquire about any arrangements she may have for the two of you or to let her know you’ll be running late for home. These little gestures demonstrate your appreciation for her.


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