Finally psychology offices need to worry about compliance with all regulations in their jurisdiction. This can include practice-related reporting, taxes, and professional licensing fees. While these all vary widely by location, in many cases the costs add up quickly.

Dyslexia Testing and Assessment

Note that many health insurance companies do not cover the diagnostic testing. However, funds from a Health Savings Account may be used in some cases. If you can not afford to have your child officially diagnosed, but strongly suspect dyslexia due to family history and many signs and symptoms, consider putting your available financial resources towards helping your child. A diagnosis is helpful, but not required to work on your child’s difficulties. Our mission is to provide guidance to educators, students, families, and community members about dyslexia, and the best practices for identification, intervention, and support for students with dyslexia.

These tests are mostly performed alongside other types of assessments, such as intelligence tests. The educational psychologist will prepare a detailed report on basis of all the information gathered. If tests indicate that a child has dyslexia, there are further steps to follow to seek help from educational psychology professionals. The family of dyslexic children might be given some tips to talk to the child and teachers about dyslexic difficulties. Many families report a sense of relief once they know the root cause of the problem. Learning difficulties can go undiagnosed which can have severe problems for a childs educational outcomes.

Over 300,000 parents have tested their children for dyslexia with Lexercise’s free screener.

In fact, according to the National Institute of Health , reading disabilities can be diagnosed as early as age 5 1/2, or the last half of kindergarten. A school evaluation focuses on determining if a child qualifies for an IEP under an IDEA disability category. A private neuropsychological evaluation can be sought to provide a diagnosis which is different from the IDEA disability categories. Measuring these requires a variety of educational, psychometric and psychological tests. 讀寫障礙評估 is why it is important for an assessor to be conversant with technical terms and broader developments in the field.

Figure 1. Framework for Eligibility as a Student with a Reading Disability

However, having a name for the learning struggles is a huge relief, and clarity always lights the way for the best path forward. We have yet to meet a parent or child who has regretted getting a formal diagnosis of dyslexia. A diagnosis of dyslexia helps a person understand that the reading difficulties are due to a brain difference, not lack of intelligence. Dyslexia tests that target reading comprehension are usually interested in either literal comprehension, inferential comprehension, or both. Literal comprehension is a reader’s understanding of the events and information in a text.

Learning and addressing dyslexia often results in ending the fear and shame and can help introduce pride and hope. Making a plan to move forward and starting intervention and/or accommodations. Edublox Online Tutor is an online platform that houses products and services to improve… Once the assessor has completed the tests, you will have a feedback session to discuss the results. You should ask for clarification of anything you do not understand.


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