ProblemSolutionMotor will not startMake sure cleaner is fully powered. Open the Eureka app and complete the registration process, which includes an email address confirmation, and once you have confirmed your email address you can log in and follow the setup instructions in the app. If your home Wi-Fi password is changed or the router is replaced. The robot will show as offline on the app, you will just need to reconnect the robot to the Wi-Fi following the Wi-Fi connecting instructions. Do not connect the robot to Wi-Fi while the robot is charging. The robot must be fully charged to successfully connect to Wi-Fi.

Shark EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base, Row-by-Row Cleaning, RV915S

When robot is on, the power button will be lit up in white. Press power button for 1 seconds to turn eureka forbes robot vacuum cleaner robot on. Have servicing performed by a qualiłed repair person using only identical replacement parts.

Bissell 2513E Little Green Proheat Portable Deep Cleaner/Spot Cleaner

Predicted brand reliability is based on estimated problem rates for newly purchased robotic vacuums, not covered by an extended warranty or service contract, within the first three years of ownership. Make sure that charging contacts on dock and charging contacts on robot are correctly lined up and nothing is covering them. If necessary use a dry cloth the remove dust or debris that may have built up on the charging contacts. When returning parts for repair, you must include the model, type and serial number located on the rating plate. Regularly use a dry cloth to remove dust and debris from cliff sensors, charging contacts and sensors on front bumper to ensure they are not blocked. Your robot uses an array of sensors to navigate around walls, furnitures legs,and other obstacles while it cleans.

Brush roll can then be lifted out by pulling up on the right side. Any threads, hair or debris can be cut away with scissors or using the included brush cleaner. Be sure to remove any hair or strings which may have wrapped around the tips of the brush roll. When the robot is running press the power button to pause it. Store vacuum cleaner and charger indoors in a cool, dry area. To avoid electric shock and/or damage, do not expose to weather elements.

Robot will automatically run until the battery reaches 20% charge, and recharge light will turn red. Connect the charger into the port on the lower right side of the dock and plug the other end of the charger into the wall. Place the back of the clock flush against a wall and ensure there are at least 3 feet of free space along the wall on either side of the dock, so the robot is not blocked. Turn robot over and locate circle on both side, align the small circle of the spinner brush post in the center of the spinning brush and push until it clicks in place. Do not incinerate this appliance even if it is severely damaged. Contact local waste facility before discarding in trash.


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